Pluck supports donors to maximize their investments.

Donors want their philanthropic dollars to be used effectively and make an impact. Knowing how and where to give to maximize impact requires experience, expertise, and dedicated time to develop and implement a strategy. Guided by Sheryl’s experience managing day-to-day operations and grants at two major foundations, Pluck passionately leads programs to authentic, lasting change for people and communities. Pluck can work with you to identify your philanthropic goals, strategies for achieving your goals, processes, structures for giving, and success measures.

Design a Strategy and Plan for Giving

Pluck will help you clarify your mission, vision, and goals for giving. We learn about your charitable interests and priorities and work with you to document and define an approach that meets your needs. Pluck identifies the issues you want to focus on and offers strategies and opportunities for giving that will advance your philanthropic goals. Our support helps put your ideas into action.

  • Impact Investing

    We evaluate the impact of your grants. Results-oriented donors can rely on us to understand how your giving is resulting in the outcomes you seek to achieve.

Grant Making and Management

Pluck will identify giving opportunities and implement your giving plan. We leverage our experience and professional relationships to match your charitable vision with the right organizations and programs. Pluck conducts in-depth research and due diligence on programs and their finances for your review and consideration. Pluck can also manage the administrative aspects of grantmaking by creating budgets, structuring grant agreements, tracking grantee performance, quantifying the impact, and coordinating with your investment advisors and financial planning experts.

  • Governance

    We can plan and facilitate board meetings, manage board communication, create and maintain foundation policies and records, identify opportunities for board members to network with other funders and conduct and present research.

Engaging the Next Generation

Giving together as a family can be a rewarding experience, but it’s not always easy. Pluck can support and facilitate discussions among families to examine individual family members’ interests and desires to participate in family philanthropy. We will define each member’s role in the family’s philanthropy and help them decide where and how they will focus their resources. Pluck will work with next-generation family members to introduce them to the best practices of philanthropy, discover ways to involve them in the foundation, and prepare them for leadership roles.

How can Pluck help you maximize giving?

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