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Leadership for Change

Our Story

Led by Sheryl Goldstein, a visionary and fearless problem-solver, we have over three decades of experience in public safety, criminal justice and policing; program development, implementation and management; government operations; team building; and philanthropy. It is our mission to advise and guide organizations to create and implement lasting change.

Pluck’s Core Values


We are confident in ourselves and our preparation, holding ourselves and others highly accountable. We look out for others’ best interests and seek to put people into a position to be successful. We are unflappable and calm under pressure; we know we’ll figure it out, solve the problems, and successfully execute on our missions. 


We confidently represent our true nature and beliefs. We are open to others, welcome different ideas, and always speak the truth. 


We confidently represent our true nature and beliefs. We are open to others, welcome different ideas, and always speak the truth. 


We believe a practical, logical approach to problems is often the most successful.

The Team

Sheryl Goldstein

Founder & CEO

Sheryl listens, hears, and cares, driven to help people and organizations succeed. She’s direct, yet warm and level-headed, relentless in her pursuit of purposeful change. Sheryl leads by example, successfully moving projects from theory to practice. She approaches every problem with humility and a willingness to take responsibility for moving things forward

Allyse Depenbrock

Director of Operations & Communications

Allyse is a quick study and a perceptive leader with a natural curiosity. She is organized, detail-oriented and has several years of management experience with teams, stakeholders and clients. She is determined to produce quality work in a timely and efficient manner. She faces challenging work environments with patience and persistence, using creative approaches to problem-solving and always taking initiative.

As a head of school, what I learned about strategic institutional advancement through Pluck is invaluable. Sheryl did not just tell me what best path to take. She helped me understand my community and my organization at a level that allows me to build a stronger philanthropic community. My approaches are now more impactful, and I am seeing results already.

Steve Buettner
Head of School, Baltimore Lab School

Sheryl was an invaluable advisor and collaborator to me on the launch of Roca’s newest initiative. Sheryl provides direct and thoughtful advisement that is informed by her extensive experience in government, leadership, philanthropy and criminal justice. And, she backs up her advisement by a willingness to take on tasks and have difficult discussions that can help catalyze people and processes. This combination makes Sheryl feel more like a partner and less like a consultant to our team.

As both a strategist and a doer, Sheryl is somewhat of the proverbial “unicorn” in the field of consulting: an individual who has the knowledge and skills to support high level strategic work while also being willing to jump into implementation and operational tasks that can be critical to moving from planning to action. She has an uncanny ability to help people and processes get “unstuck” and move to decision and action.

Jennifer Clammer
Executive Vice President, Roca Impact Institute