Allyse is a quick study and a perceptive leader with a natural curiosity. She is organized, detail-oriented and has several years of management experience with teams, stakeholders and clients. She is determined to produce quality work in a timely and efficient manner. She faces challenging work environments with patience and persistence, using creative approaches to problem-solving and always taking initiative.

Prior to joining Pluck in May 2021, she worked at the City of Baltimore founding the Civic Innovators program deploying corporate talent to address government’s most entrenched challenges. She managed a project optimizing Baltimore Police Department’s fleet management by encouraging collaboration between city agencies, promoting long-term cost savings by replacing aging vehicles and integrating a fleet management metric into the weekly Comstat process. She then pivoted to stand up Baltimore’s emergency food distribution and eviction prevention programs during the pandemic, helping to secure additional Emergency Rental Assistance (ERAP) funding for the city.

Her past experience includes working as a Campaign Director at the Advertising Council in Washington, D.C., leading the iconic Smokey Bear brand, and managing up to $5M in non-profit and government client campaign budgets. She was the day-to-day marketing lead; responsible for overseeing the development, implementation and evaluation of fully integrated public service advertising (PSA) programs that drive sustainable and measurable social change. She also managed volunteer advertising agency resources to develop a research-informed, target audience-driven, multi-media communications strategy and implement integrated marketing programs to deliver on campaign objectives

After completing her undergraduate work at UCLA, she was selected for a competitive two-year public health fellowship with the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and moved to Columbus, Ohio. Through the Public Health Associate Program, she implemented local programs in emergency preparedness for the CDC Cities Readiness Initiative and childhood obesity prevention.

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