Sheryl listens, hears, and cares, driven to help people and organizations succeed. She’s direct, yet warm and level-headed, relentless in her pursuit of purposeful change. Sheryl leads by example, successfully moving projects from theory to practice. She approaches every problem with humility and a willingness to take responsibility for moving things forward, playing key roles in countless multi-dimensional projects that have included:

Wherever she is – foundations, nonprofits, governments or businesses – Sheryl masters complex concepts quickly, distilling and incorporating research and data and applying her knowledge and expertise to bring projects to life through Pluck’s process of learn, plan, act.

Pluck's Process: Learn, Plan, Act

As a highly respected leader and former lawyer and litigator, she brings a wealth of professional knowledge and diversity of experience, connecting the right teams and partnering with organizations and community representatives to forge lasting, effective collaborations and partnerships. Her lengthy resume reflects her core desire to educate, motivate and mentor, and fundamentally improve the world around her. 

“I was raised to believe that I could accomplish anything I set my mind to, all opportunities were open and everything was possible. I am passionate about leading people through complex challenges and crises and seizing new opportunities.”

Sheryl has run the New York Marathon three times and competed in multiple triathlons. The stamina, endurance and mental toughness she demonstrates as an athlete is at the core of who she is, personally and professionally.

Pluck’s Core Values


We are confident in ourselves and our preparation, holding ourselves and others highly accountable. We look out for others’ best interests and seek to put people into a position to be successful. We are unflappable and calm under pressure; we know we’ll figure it out, solve the problems, and successfully execute on our missions. 


We confidently represent our true nature and beliefs. We are open to others, welcome different ideas, and always speak the truth. 


We believe in behaving reasonably, considering everything about a situation before making a judgment, and treating people equally and justly.


We believe a practical, logical approach to problems is often the most successful.

How can Pluck help you find the right solution?