Pluck assesses challenges and designs solutions.

Pluck quickly grasps complex concepts and connects the right teams and stakeholders to identify objectives, challenges, risks, and solutions. Pluck is well-positioned to implement lasting, systemic change at companies of all sizes with third-party objectivity. Pluck’s approach focuses on assessing, improving, and sustaining performance.

Improve Performance

Doing the same thing, the same way, every day leads to the same results: No improvement, no growth, no change. We measure the output of a particular business process or procedure through performance improvement and recommend modifications to the process or procedure to increase the output, efficiency, and effectiveness.

Understand the Baseline

Performance improvement begins with establishing a baseline. We use data, information, and interviews to measure and understand current performance, processes, and procedures. What are the strengths and opportunities for your organization? How can you build on what is working and fix what is not?

Build a Stronger Structure

Pluck reviews team and individual responsibilities objectively in terms of business process and flow of work. We look for opportunities to break down silos between units and teams to promote information and knowledge sharing. Pluck will provide recommendations on realigning reporting relationships to encourage logical handoffs based on contiguous business process boundaries.

Measure What Matters

We help businesses determine what key metrics to measure and monitor output, efficiency, and effectiveness. Once we define what matters and how to measure it, we create a centralized information management system to gather data and report the metrics regularly. Using these metrics, we will help your organization develop clear responsibilities and deliverables for individuals, units, and teams resulting in greater accountability.

Monitor and Manage

Pluck will also monitor progress and manage organizational change by empowering key influencers and providing the necessary training to mitigate functional and individual change resistance.

How can Pluck help you improve performance?

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