Pluck provides insights and expertise to propel organizations forward.

Sheryl understands the unique challenges of establishing and operating a nonprofit. Pluck can help assess community needs, plan, and implement a sustainable, high-impact program to address those needs. Pluck can help established nonprofits rethink funding channels, processes, communication, and programming to improve impact.

Pluck’s leadership is experienced in building, operating and managing nonprofits. In the late 1990s, Sheryl collaborated with the Crown Heights Coalition, the Center for Court Innovation, and the diverse community of Crown Heights Brooklyn to establish the Crown Heights Community Mediation Center. In 2000, she established a Criminal Defense Resource Center in post-conflict Kosovo.

In 2014, Sheryl organized several philanthropic organizations to launch a funding collaborative that streamlined and simplified the application, review, and funding process for summer youth programs in Baltimore City. The partnership grew from $1 million to over $3 million in two years.

Guided by Sheryl’s experience building and operating nonprofits and managing grants at two major foundations, Pluck passionately leads non-profits to authentic, lasting change for people and communities.  

Whether your nonprofit needs some assistance, or you need help starting one, Pluck can help.

How can Pluck help maximize your impact?

Case Study

Forging Trust by Building A Community Organization

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Case Study

Streamlined Funding Process for Baltimore’s Summer Youth Programs By Creating a Funding Collaborative

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